Giver of Life

A precious child fighting for his life … Needing a liver to survive.

A child born in need of life-saving surgery was found to need something else. What could be more important than an organ transplant? In this case, the child also needed loving parents and a stable home. Without that he may not live long enough to be placed on the organ transplant list!

I was a busy wife, mom, and nurse just doing my job and caring for my family when I realized Dylan needed me. I had a choice … ignore the need and continue with my busy life, or stop and listen to God.

I thought I was obediently following God. I lovingly and meticulously cared for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit at a local hospital. I had my own two children at home, so life was a daily juggle! My husband and I shared leadership in a ministry to single adults in our church. In fact, my husband was ministering in Haiti when the Lord spoke to me!

God was asking me to go deeper with Him thand to trust Him more completely! One night while I was on duty at the hospital, a physician jokingly said to me, “Why don’t you adopt Dylan so that he can have his transplant?” I laughed at the time, but the words rang in my head.

“Yes, Lord. We’ll attend foster care classes.”

“Us? Not us! We have kids at home!”

“We have jobs, Lord. Busy jobs!”

“And he’s sick … Very sick!”

What followed involved foster care classes and home inspections while I daily held and rocked this sick little gift from God. My husband called from Haiti and I cried as I told him what God had planted in my heart. He immediately felt God’s leading and we fixed our eyes and our hearts on following God’s plan.

Love bears all things …

Foster care. Surgeries. Adoption!

Career change. Surprise pregnancy!

Tube feedings. Constant medications. Forever doctor visits!

More surgeries. Little sleep. New baby. No sleep!

I began to sit with Dylan before and after my shifts. I fell in love. We began foster care classes. Soon foster care was awarded to us. Almost immediately the phone call came saying that a donor liver had been found!

Days and nights my husband and I sat with Dylan. He slowly improved and was able to come to our home. We began the process of adoption. He became a part of our family and God united our hearts to his; our children’s hearts to his. Very soon after Dylan’s adoption, I discovered that I was pregnant! God has such a sense of humor!

My family now has two boys and two girls. It most certainly has not been easy, but God has met every need in miraculous ways! Our youngest daughter has been a catalyst to help Dylan with his educational needs. We now realize that God not only gave us our special needs child, but he gave us our daughter to help motivate him and push him to achieve critical developmental stages!

What a blessing it is to obey when God calls!

God decided in advance to ADOPT us to Himself through Jesus Christ. This is what He wanted to do and it gave Him great pleasure. Ephesians 1:5

Have you been ADOPTED into God’s eternal home?

Are you willing to listen to God and obediently make the changes He is asking you to make to follow Him?


One thought on “Giver of Life

  1. Laura January 20, 2015 / 1:33 pm

    What a beautiful picture of the gospel! God will meet us where we are, flaws an all, and adopt us as His own. Love this story!

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