Haiti Day Three

Several families brought their blind relatives. One “tap-tap” driverIMG_6474_2 brought a senior adult to receive medical help and to have her vision checked. Most of these people walked long distances in the extreme heat to receive the care we offered.

IMG_0010Moms brought newborn babies…several suffering from dehydration which is a common killer of young children. People who had suffered for days/months/years with a tooth infection waited for hours in the hot sun to receive dental care. Instantaneous pain relief occurred when the tooth was pulled. Antibiotic was given to kill the infection. Victory!!

IMG_0007It’s so sad when we cannot help the people! Heartbreakingly sad. One young man had a motorcycle accident and has neurological vision lost. There was nothing we could do for him. Others lost vision in their eye when ash blew into their eye as a child. Another was hit and cut in a fight with a glass bottle. Many had cataracts with no hope for surgery.

IMG_0023 We fitted glasses on a 97-year-old woman; her grin was instantaneous when we put the glasses on her head. Another 102-yeIMG_0015ar-old came for glasses. A five-year-old was fitted. All expressed joy as well as thanks as the glasses were given.

“And when He (JESUS) comes, He will open the eyes of the blind…” Isaiah 35:5 NLT

“The blind see… The Good News is being preached to the poor.” Matthew 11:5 NLT

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” ~ Jesus (Matthew 19:14 NLT)


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