Haiti ~ Day Five

Bittersweet! Our hearts are pierced with love for these people. The children have a chapel service in the church. They sing, recite poetry, and play games. Lots of smiles! Beautiful children! Talented teachers! Innovative principals!

Our medical doctors are gone today, so the dental team and vision team work to meet the needs of the limited numbers who have tickets to be seen. Our pharmacy is almost depleted and we asked the LORD to supply the antibiotic and pain relievers needed for the dental team.

The 23 pre-approved people multiplied into 61!! Forty-nine glasses were shared. A young child with lazy eyes was brought to us, and our RN made eye patches from gauze and tape. A man who had recently experienced a motorcycle accident was bandaged. God provided energy for the exhausted team. An older gentleman who could only see blackness received a pair of glasses. He smiled big. “Can you see better?” The interpreter asks. “Wi! (Yes!) “Mesi!” (Thank you!) He reads for us. He can see!

 The afternoon allows time to rest and play with the children. Some adventurous team members climb a mountain in 90 degree heat! We tour some unfinished areas of the compound, see the goats, and play a friendly game of basketball. Dinner tonight is a feast of sweet potatoes, carrots, white potatoes, cabbage, rice, and goat. We eat and thank our cook. He brings hot tea and fresh ground sugar for our evening snack. We are satisfied. We’ve had more than enough.

We clean up the dishes, sweep and mop the floors. Suitcases are packed. As we meet at 8:00 pm to debrief as we’ve done each evening, we cry out in prayer to our LORD for these people. Our hearts are overflowing with loving concern for these people who have such hardships! Our efforts this week are a small drop in such a big bucket!

Dear God, please multiply our efforts. Meet needs. Give health. Provide for these people! Pour out your Spirit here. Allow these people to see our work to be the direct hand of God. Shine, LORD JESUS. Shine your Spirit here in Haiti. Bless Pastor Elise as he leads. Amen.


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