Haiti 2016 ~ Day One

As a mission team leaves today to minister in Haiti, I am sharing of the trip that we took last year in Haiti. As you read these posts, you will know how to pray for the 22 men and women on the ground in Haiti. There are two doctors, two nurses, two dentists, a hygienist, a pharmacist, and others volunteering to labor in any way needed.  Bold Prayers, Debbie

Plane to Atlanta … Wait!

Plane to Haiti! Slept in hotel in Port-au-Prince!

No shower … Bathed and washed hair in sink!

Three hour bus ride …

Roads with two-foot wide holes! Villages with the roads filled with people walking, people crowding the streets with motor cycles, and people dressed for church.

Cows and goats line the fields … No, not herds. Just ONE! Plots of land clearly marked, 10-feet long … with one animal staked in the middle!

Rice fields … Some flooded and some being harvested. Men working to see the little produce they have harvested!

Women and children … Cooking and selling food product next to the busy streets. Children standing next to busy traffic!

Happiness and contentment! Friendship! Family!

We arrive in the compound. Helping hands help us unload! Smiles! Welcomes!

Medicines unpacked and organized!

Shoes sized and replaced in luggage.

Rest! Worship! Devotion!



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