Haiti Day Three

img_1421I share today from our trip in 2016. Please pray for the men and women who are back in Haiti this week ministering to the people there. Thankfully, TWO medical doctors, TWO dentists, a pharmacist, TWO nurses, and a dental hygienist answered the call to bring medical care to the Haitian people in 2017.

We awaken early with the sounds of donkeys neighing and roosters crowing! Long before the sun is shining, the unfamiliar (to us) sounds of the animals wake us up and we slowly begin to share the limited space to dress and prepare for the day.

Hundreds of Haitians arrive to receive medical help, to have teeth pulled, and to receive medications from the pharmacist. The evangelism team with an interpreter greets the people, and shares the salvation story using colors on a bracelet to explain the LOVE of God. The people are formed into teams and one team at a time, they enter the church which is now a medical facility. Each medical station has an interpreter, and we begin the slow process of interviewing the people to meet their needs.

At the end of the day, one hundred sixty-three sweet souls have been seen by the ONE doctor, ONE dentist, ONE nurse, ONE pharmacist, ONE dental hygienist, and the God-called volunteers who have left their career comfort zones to learn to take blood pressures, count out medications for the pharmacist, hold flashlights for the dentist, and offer love and comfort to the Haitian people coming to us with needs.

School children arrive and are told a story about Jesus, and we wash their feet. They are taught how to walk with Jesus, and then they are fitted with new shoes. One hundred eighty-five pairs of feet are fitted with new shoes. Some children jump up with excitement to go back and show their class; others smile broadly as they say “Merci” (Thank you).

Construction workers pour cement and then put a tin roof on a building. This building will be home for a single woman who serves at the school and also leads worship at church, a family with three kids who are caretakers of the school/church property (Losner, Adelaide, Cooper, and two daughters), and an office for Pastor Elise.

Another day of blessings …. opportunities to share God’s love … time to encouraging others even when we cannot speak the same language!

God, Your love is amazing! Thank You for allowing us to travel to Haiti. Use us tomorrow in the nearby community of Souvenous. Take care of Simone (one of our interpreters) as he walks through the darkness to his home tonight, and returns early tomorrow morning. Amen.


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