Haiti Day Four

img_4408I share today from our trip in 2016. Please pray for the men and women who are back in Haiti this week ministering to the people there.

As we worship tonight, the church is packed full of Haitian believers. The overflow of children stand outside peering through the open windows. I am reminded that WORSHIP has nothing to do with language. WORSHIP TRULY COMES FROM THE HEART!

The familiar songs are sung … the Haitians sing in French and the Americans sing in English. Little children crowd around us, laying their heads on us during the sermon. They sing loudly to the songs they know; then clap enthusiastically. We share lots of smiles….lots of hugs… lots of love!

The people now trust us and accept our love. They welcome our joking and teasing, and laugh loudly with us. We are called to bear the burden of these people! we are called to wash their feet! We are called to pray for them! We are called to bring healing! They are family … our brothers and sisters!

Today we traveled past the voodoo temple to serve the people in the village of Souvenous. This area is a much more difficult place to serve. The people here have difficulty following rules and often try to break line, which upsets the others and can cause uproar! This causes more safety concerns for the mission team.

One hundred sixty-one people are seen by the doctor or dentist. One girl is treated with a burn from touching an electric wire. The team gathers to pray over her and ask God to heal her. The doctor is optimistic that the infection in her hand will be healed.

One hundred twenty-six pairs of shoes are given to the primary students. We crowd into a small classroom with 30 five and six-year olds. The teachers push the bench-style desks back against the walls and these five and six-year olds sit there all day as we use their classroom to fit shoes on all the children in the school. At the end of the day, the children sing songs and recite verses before they dismiss for the day. These students happily pick up their old shoes and walk home in their new shoes with smiles on their faces!!img_1484

Already our hearts ache at the thought of leaving. Here, the moon is full and the stars are so very bright. God is so near. The team gathers under the starlit sky and praises our Savior, our Creator, our Provider! We ask our Father to continue to heal these people, to send rain for the dry land, and to bless the crops.

Thank You, Papa God. Protect these people. Send the rain. Provide food for these people. We give you Praise!

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