Haiti Day Five

img_1455I share today from our trip in 2016. Please pray for the men and women who are back in Haiti this week (2017) ministering to the people there.

Today is another day of serving the Lord and loving the people of Haiti! During the night we are awakened by the smell of smoke. Our first reaction is alarm! Fire! But immediately we calm our fears, realizing that the nearby community is burning their trash! It’s hard to sleep with the smoke in the room; our bodies just refuse to relax and sleep!

The sun rises; roosters crow! The six women begin to share the one restroom, taking turns dressing in the bathroom because our sleeping area has an opening to the outdoors as well as an opening to the kitchen area. Breakfast is prepared for us … scrambled eggs and coffee!! Yum!

The medical team loads equipment and climbs onto a truck with the men seated on top of the equipment bags for the bumpy ride down the rocky road. As they arrive, the local men come to help unload and set up the medical clinic.

The doctor and dentist see one hundred-sixty patients in Souvenous today. The temperature has risen each day, and today the temperature is in the high nineties! Inside the church, there are three fans blowing to cool the team. The Haitian people are accusimg_1500tomed to the heat, but the Americans struggle to keep themselves hydrated with water and Gatorade. God again protects us from illness, and everyone is able to continue working.

Back at the Petite Rivere mission compound, the construction team takes apart two bunk beds to build bed frames for a couple and their three children who are moving into a new home. This gentleman is the grounds-keeper for the school and church. Rosner, his sweet wife, Adelaide, and three children are excited to move into this one-room home. The two adjoining rooms will serve as an office for Elise, and a home for another young woman, Francine, who teaches second grade and leads praise music at church.

Three other team members along with an interpreter measure the sweaty little feet of primary students and fit 140 tennis shoes on preschoolers. Our sizes have dwindled and our sock supply is depleted, but we share what we have with the children. They (and their moms) are most appreciative!

Hearts of the team members are intertwined for eternity! We have ventured together and lifetime bonds have been formed! Our hearts hurt as we anticipate tomorrow’s good-byes. Tears run freely as we lay our hands on the medical intake cards of those who have come to us seeking relief from pain and infections, those who entrusted their children to our care, and those who came to us in need of medications.We beg Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer, to heal these new friends! We join our hearts together each evening to pray, to praise, and to encourage each other in the Word. God hears our prayers. He is faithful!

Our interpreters are our family. They have protected us, encouraged us, and have become our mouth and hearts! We love them, and pray for God to provide for them … spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Meet their needs, Lord! Give them big dreams to do great things for you … And give them the desires of their hearts!!

These sweet Haitian people… We love their dark skin and their wide smiles. We love their friendliness and the way they welcome us and accept us. We hurt for their hard life and we desire to bring relief.

Help these people, Lord. Send rain for the crops. Send jobs for the people. Give them food, clean water, and medicines to meet their needs. Help them understand the importance of using the clean water. Keep them close to you and close to Jesus. Protect them from harm. Use Petite Reviere to bring the nation of Haiti back to you, Lord. Use Pastor Elise; strengthen him. Please reunite his family. You are awesome, Lord. We love You! We worship You!!


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