Haiti Day Six

img_1628I share today from our trip in 2016. Please pray for the men and women who are back in Haiti this week in 2017 ministering to the people there.

We left our sweet friends in Haiti today! As we drove through villages crowded with markets and then continued past the ocean toward Port au Prince, our hearts began to focus on families back home, jobs, and church responsibilities. We feel torn as we remember all the hugs and the way the school children shook our hands and thanked us for all we had done for them. What a change from Monday when the kindergartners cried as we fitted them with shoes! Now they come to us and want to touch us!

Today we participated in chapel services for all the school children. It was fun to watch their faces as they worshipped. Pastor Mark encouraged the young girls to be as Esther — Highly Favored, and the boys to be like Gideon — Mighty Warriors!! He encouraged this new generation to be people of honor as they love and serve God, and to use their talents to change Haiti. There was standing room only in the church building!

Several people stopped by for medical help or rechecks today. The doctor met them under a tree. The pharmacist worked from the back porch of the room where we had slept. A young adult came with injuries from a motorcycle accident. A young boy who was treated earlier in the week came again for the doctor to drain the infection in his hand. It was decided that he needed to go to the hospital, and the school principal drove him on a motorcycle. The school administrator, Santana, drove the mom by motorcycle. (We learned later in the evening that this child had surgery and did well. He will spend the night in the hospital for additional antibiotic treatments.) You at GFBC provided the funds necessary to get him into the hospital for surgery. Father, please continue to heal this little boy. He was so brave. Protect him from pain. Give peace to his mom. Let them both know that YOU have provided healing.

We walked two properties today. The first was planted in beans and peppers. We prayed for a good harvest. The second was a larger plot of land that is being negotiated for possible purchase. We claimed that land for Pastor Elise, the church, and for the children of Petite Reviere. After praying over the land, we walked to the back of the partially finished hospital and prayed for God to open doors for a welding business that will train the young men and give them opportunity for employment. A believer has promised partial funds to start this project. We praised God for His provision!!!

img_1605All week we have prayed for rain, especially on this final day. As we loaded
the bus, we could see dark clouds forming. We left the compound encouraged that fields might get rain today! (The following morning, Pastor Elise texted with the mission compound and was told that it rained a little. He said, “I’m believing that it will rain a lot.”) When we returned to Alabama, Pastor Elise posted pictures of rain flowing over the village and the fields of Petite Reviere!! We praise YOU and thank YOU, LORD, our Provider!

This week the doctor img_4423and dentist saw a total of 630 people, and 767 pairs of shoes were shared!! A block building was completed that will provide a home for a family of five, another room for a single teacher, and an office for Pastor Elise. Hearts united to praise our Father in worship. Lives were saved and other lives are in the process of being changed forever!! At least 1397 men, women, and children were told of the love of our God!!


Father, You called and we responded. You protected. You provided. Your Word bore fruit! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your plan for Petite Reviere and Souvenous. We love You! We praise You! Amen.


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